Thursday, 9 May 2013

For A Second I forgot

For A Second I forgot

I counted my achievements
there were not too many,
on dismal mornings such as this
I cannot think of any.

I do domesticity
dusting and dishes,
bathe the babies
organise the crèches.

For second I forgot
that I was born in exile,
for a minute that my lot
doesn't turn a profit.

If my words offend
then I apologise,
and if nobody's saved
at least nobody dies.

Poetry is faux,
a hoax, a deception,
flat, forced, contrived,
flawed at it's conception.

For a second I forgot
and in so forgetting,
the burden that is my lot
is empty of all content.

I'm lazy, weak but harmless
this much I admit.
tighten up the harness
you win and I submit.

I salute the new authority
renew my vows with prayer,
mantra, thumbscrew, rosary
the discipline of work.

For a second I forgot
I was overlooked,
I'm doing well without me
In fact I am absolved.

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