Saturday, 22 June 2013


By the dull electric lamp
arose a vision so intense,
undimmed by squalor, stench and damp
in that Polish prison camp.

Emblems of their offence,
pink triangle and yellow star,
tattoo just below the sleeve
a hunger for tomorrow,
for reprieve. A hope that 
what began in sorrow
would not end in grief.

A fantasy, the sweet relief of human touch,
the longing that grew so much,
became so great -
the lightest brush seemed profligate.

For dignity of those involved, for all -
they did what dignity demands,
resolved that when their names were called
to go together hand in hand.

In the furnace in the flame
Each heard the others name,
And as the flames burned brighter still
their grip grew tighter
till their fingers intertwined,
tight as their desire
in the furnace in the fire,
Flesh and bone combined.

The heat intensified
then tempered, they found 
release that was denied
and they were one
with ash and embers,
and their hearts were unified.

Listen to Camp here