Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Save Ulster From Sodomy

In the late 70s and early 80s Ian Paisley led the Save Ulster From Sodomy campaign, a largely Unionist affair, to prevent the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Northern Ireland. Yesterday the Northern Ireland Assembly voted against the Equal Marriage Bill. Ironically the Unionists were supported and lobbied by their old foes the Catholic Church.

Save Ulster From Sodomy

Billboard alongside Belfast Gay Pride Parade.
Papists rule out rubbers
lobby Paisley, Cardinals campaign,
petition Orange Men,
united by a great and noble aim,
odd bedfellows marry hastily.
Saving Ulster from sodomy again.

Forty-two to fifty
they threw out equality,
ranting, foaming, raving, canting,
Stormont storms. Sodomy,
my protestant Gran informed me,
if not the norm, was once a favoured form
of birth control.

Now, the laws the law
in Catholic France and Spain, but
special conditions pertain,
to a corner of the UK where
Old Women reign.
Gran will turn beneath the turf when I say
the side of the angels is Sinn Fein.
Presbytarians are arseholes so stuff 'em!

Strange unsettling settlement
upsets. Sectarian alliances crystalise
and cave, Form and fold, 
old favours, old grievances, old scores,
exchanged for what religionists crave.
What's not settled at assembly
Is delayed, until we settle.
See you in court.

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