Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Absolute Need

Owls hoot in the oaks
the jasmine is heady,
I look from the window
and watch them together
scoop the moon from
the shimmering surface
drunk & unsteady,
I almost believe
we'll be happy forever
I'm 54 and I'm ready.

I almost believe
we are marked,
we are blessed,
so I'm keeping the vigil
to honour the guest,
with my absolute need
to do the right thing -
we've agreed, we've concurred
I've given my word,
you'll accede and comply
we're putting you first,
with my absolute need
my unequivocal thirst.

Hot afternoon fucks
so urgent we must,
absorbed in the moment
abandoned to lust,
Sinews are taut
muscles are rigid,
the gathering tide
resisting its limits,
this is my sacrament -
the body, the blood,
the burgeoning tide
becoming a flood,
only doing
what any man would.

You are appeased
by the pleasure of pleasing,
the pleading, the kneeling,
the wanting, the needing
to do the right thing -
and in doing redeeming.
Your duty is solemn,
the ritual light,
so Godamn you man
don't fight,
just do as I say,
obey my demands,
its not a suggestion
it's a command -
that is the line
this is the measure,
play with my upright sense
of unrepentant pleasure.

There in the shower
Washing your back
caressing your head
With my cock in your crack,
Pressing your face
up to the glass.
Your spine is a river
I'm tracing it's race
through the darkest ravine
to the holiest place
Lapping you up
drinking you in
with an absolute need
to do the right thing -
Slapping your moody
French ass!

Congress of three
divine intimation,
the moon and the jasmine
the men that you are,
I think we are saved
and this is salvation,
for a minute at least
I almost believe.
All of my lovers
romantic and filthy,
you are forgiven
I hope you forgive me,
for now it's implied
that all of creation,
submits and accedes -
and works in accord,
with my absolute need.

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